The Parkdale Gift Committee have prepared a DRAFT timetable for our 2nd February event date. We have listened to recent feedback from athletes and officials. We invite public or private comment via our social media channels.

Draft Timetable Parkdale Gift 2019
Time Event Category Draw
10:45am 70m Open Heat
11:35am 70m Open Semi
12:00pm 70m Open Final
12:10pm 120m U18 Girls Heat
12:25pm 120m U18 Boys Heat
12:45pm 120m Masters Heat
1:15pm 120m Women Heat
1:50pm 120m Men Heat
2:35pm 120m U18 Girls Final
2:40pm 120m U18 Boys Final
2:50pm 120m Masters Final
3:00pm Official Opening Ceremony 20min break
3:05pm Mentone Little Athletics
3:50pm 800m Women Heat
4:10pm 800m Men Heat
4:35pm 120m Women Semi
4:50pm 120m Men Semi
5:10pm 120m School Girls Heat
5:25pm 120m School Boys Heat
5:48pm 800m Women Final
5:55pm 800m Men Final
6:05pm 300m U18 Girls Heat
6:20pm 300m U18 Boys Heat
6:40pm 300m Women & Masters Heat
7:20pm 400m Open Heat
7:55pm 4x200m Sports Club Relay Final
8:05pm 1600m Open Final
8:15pm 120m Womens Backmarkers Final
8:20pm 120m Mens Backmarkers Final
8:25pm 120m Indigenous Gift Final
8:30pm 120m Bayside School Girls Final
8:35pm 120m Bayside School Boys Final
8:40pm 120m Women Final
8:45pm 120m Men Final
8:55pm 300m Women & Masters Final
9:00pm 400m Open Final