The Parkdale Gift Sporting Festival

The Parkdale Gift will be held at the revamped Parkdale Oval – Gerry Green Reserve and create an event into an ongoing financially viable and sustainable community event of significance within Victoria and specifically the municipality of the City of Kingston.

The vision is to involve the Melbourne community, local sporting clubs, schools businesses and the community to hold four internationally recognised sports to provide a “smorgasbord of sport” on the one day.

This will present a unique experience for both spectators, athletes & participants and show case professional running, tennis and boxing.


The day commences at 8.30am on Saturday 2 February 2019 with activities and the main sporting events are aimed to take place from mid-afternoon till approximately 9.00pm at night. The lighting facilities of both the Parkdale Football Ground and Tennis Club will allow for a safe and spectacular twilight / early evening events.


The sports that have been identified and will be run under the management of their respective umbrella organisations, these are:

  • The Bendigo Community Bank Parkdale Gift Athletics Carnival (Victorian Athletic League)–Featuring the Bendigo Community Bank Parkdale Gift over 120m for Men and Women, a big distance race and a range of additional races that from 70m-1600m.
  • Parkdale Tennis Activations (Tennis Club / Tennis Victoria).
  • The “Golden Gloves” Amateur Boxing Tournament.

 Additional Activities

In addition to these main sports it is proposed to undertake a range of additional activities which includes:

  • Sportswomens dinner on the Friday at the Dingley Hotel
  • Mass Healthy Start event.
  • Involvement of local sporting clubs and associations (football, cricket and tennis).
  • Involvement of a Little Athletics.“Small mini athletics carnival where athletes run on the gift track”.
  • Twilight market – Twilight Market – A small twilight market where 10 vendors will setup and coincide with the evening events.
  • Activities for the children.

The Parkdale Gift (Victorian Athletic League)

The Parkdale Gift Athletics Carnival aims to attract athletes from Victoria, Interstate and Internationally. The average carnival attracts around 500 athletes. Conducted under the auspicious of the Victorian Athletic League Professional running is unique to both Australia and Scotland with a rich history within Australian sport culminating with the time honoured Stawell Gift at Easter one week later.

Professional running allows athletes of all ages and abilities to compete in a fun and competitive environment. Each athlete is given a mark, or handicap, based on their ability, giving them an equal opportunity to triumph in their chosen event. Gifts are traditionally held on a grass surface and distances range from 70m to 3200m. There is prize money for each race and a sash for every winner.

Parkdale “FAST4”Tennis Championship (Tennis Club / Tennis Victoria)

Run in conjunction with the Parkdale Tennis Club and Tennis Victoria the event will utilise tennis activations on the day

Prior to the commencement of the tournament – free tennis clinics will allow young tennis players the chance to pick up skills and tips from the best Australian coaches.

Parkdale Amateur Boxing “Golden Gloves” Tournament

The Parkdale ‘Golden Gloves’ tournament will be conducted by preeminent Amateur Boxing Association and hold a 10 – 15 fight card tournament.

With Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, spectators will witness Australia’s best up and coming amateur talent as they strive for Olympic selection and go for Gold in Brisbane.

 Anti Doping – Competition Rules

All competitions will be run under the rules of each organisation and abide and comply with the WADA – World Anti-Doping Authority and ASADA – Australian Sports Anti‑Doping Authority requirements and regulations.